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BPA Board Candidate


Kevin Wojtaszczyk

Electronic Ballot submission is open at  BPA-Voting

Remember to scroll to the end to find my name to vote for me!   Thank you!

Hello fellow boardgamers! I have GM'd/Asst GM'd/attended 20+ WBCs, competing in Euro, Sports, Late Night and War/2 Player categories. My gaming diversity provides me with a great cross-sectional view of multi-player and two player tournaments. My work involves back-office IT functions and Linux administration with technical automation a key aspect. I hope to use my WBC and work experiences as a board member to:


  • Keep the WBC the premier tournament/open gaming convention.

  • Ensure our website of rich gaming history is updated and accurately maintained for future generations.

  • Add accountability and automation to the yearly BPA processes.



​​Click on each button to learn more about my thoughts on each aspect of the WBC, and what I strive to improve if elected to the BPA Board.

Putting My Experience
to Work for You and the WBC

Overall, I feel the BPA and WBC has grown successfully through the years and kept itself open to gamers of every part of society.  The great mix of tournaments, demos, juniors events and open gaming has given everyone attending multiple choices of how they want to experience the WBC.  Many great friendships have started through the WBC and a wealth of tournament history exists to add a level of camaraderie that doesn't exist in other gaming conventions.

However, over these past few years, many things in the world have been changing.   For the WBC to keep pace with those changes much of our back-office processes need to evolve.   Our history is what separates us from the other gaming conventions, and it has been sorely lacking with accuracy and timely updates.  Without our history we are no different than any other gaming convention. 

The WBC also must improve its marketing and tie in with the online gaming communities if it will continue to grow.   A positive, accurate and functional portal to the online world needs to exist so newcomers will know what the WBC is and why they should attend.  We have grown large enough that volunteer technical support is too time consuming.  Additional full/part-time paid technical position(s) are needed, with specific accountable job responsibilities, to take the WBC to the next level.

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